We have responsibilities to them

Cat and dog houses that can be made of cardboard, plastic or wood mean a sheltered home for stray animals. These houses, which are very easy to build, need to be covered with nylon to be resistant to rain and snow. If you cannot do anything, you can cover an empty cardboard box with a plastic bag and create an environment where a tilt stray cat can stay and warm at least for a short time.


5 favors for stray animals

1-) Don't buy, own it

The best thing is that you open the doors of your home to an animal and a friend. It will not take you long to realize how big a difference living with him will make in your life. Your dear friend will soon get used to the house and enjoy it.

2-) Make guests in your home

If the conditions of your home are not suitable for an animal to stay for a long time. Host injured or sick animals for a short time.

3-) Hit the hood before getting in the car

When cats look for warm places, one of the first places they go is under cars or their engines. Be sure to check if there is a cat on the wheel or engine before starting your car.

4-) Make cat and dog houses

5-) Give a bowl of water

Water is life.Keep a water bowl for street animals, but metal or steel water containers freeze water quickly, it makes more sense to put water in plastic containers and pay attention to the warmth of these water instead of putting water in such containers during the winter months. If you drop a drop of olive oil into the water, you can prevent the water from freezing.