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5 favors for stray animals

Güncelleme tarihi: 17 Ağu 2021

When we go out, we always see cute cats, dogs and birds. While showing love to these animals takes us one step further, feeding a hungry animal and finding a home for the homeless is a completely different feeling.

Five good things we can do for stray animals:

1-) Don't buy, own it

The best thing is that you open the doors of your home to an animal and a friend. It will not take you long to realize how big a difference living with him will make in your life. Your dear friend will soon get used to the house and enjoy it.

2-) Make guests in your home

​If the conditions of your home are not suitable for an animal to stay for a long time. Host injured or sick animals for a short time.

3-) Hit the hood before getting in the car

When cats look for warm places, one of the first places they go is under cars or their engines. Be sure to check if there is a cat on the wheel or engine before starting your car.

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